Kite Marks

The Bright Sparks Kite Mark Project supports children and young people with additional needs to check out venues and facilities in Halton for their peers.



Our trained young Kite Markers have been working hard this year. They have checked out 27 venues and facilities. 22 were given the Bright Sparks Quality Kite Mark Award to say they are good places for young people with disabilities to visit or use.



They have trained another group of parents in doing Kite Marks. We are working with schools and families to increase the number of Kite Markers.




Click here to download the 2016 list of places who have received a kite mark to say they are good places to go for young people with a disability.




Bright Sparks Plus Project

Thanks to funding from the Council for Disabled Children we can now build on the Kite Mark with the new Bright Sparks Plus project.

With Bright Sparks Plus our team of young people work with local services and amenities that have failed the quality Kite Mark to help them to make the improvements they need so their buildings are the right standard.

Our aim is to increase the number of places in Halton that are welcoming and supportive of all.

Young Kite Markers have been working with parents who have children in their lives with an additional need.

Parents said it was really difficult when they went out with their son or daughter to find a changing area that was big enough to change their older child.




Young Kite Markers heard that Hallwood Health Centre were refurbishing the toilet facilities and baby changing area and wanted to make sure that they included suitable changing facilities for older children.



Young Kite Markers met with the manager and explained the work they have been doing with parents and the issue with changing facilities.

The manager listened to the young kite markers and agreed them. She said she would speak to the people who were designing the new toilets to see if they could include space for changing older disabled children.



This did happen and now the good news is the baby changing facilities will be purpose built for older children.

Young Kite Markers have now added baby changing facilities to their list of things to look at.



Brindley Arts Centre wins

a Kitemark Award

Our Kitemark's project is featured in the Runcorn and Widnes World after we gave the Brindley Arts Centre a Kitemark Award. Read more about it here.




Young people commended for their work

Our Kitemarkers featured in the Runcorn and Widnes World in December 2014 After being commended at an awards evening. Click here to read all about it.

Click here to find out more about Bright Sparks



Click on this link to watch a video of the Bright Sparks Kitemark Celebration Event at the CRMZ on November 22nd 2014